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SRDB Law Firm in partnership with Carlos Alberto de Freitas has once again been ranked as “Highly Recommended” by Leaders League in the 2023 AFRICA DESK ranking for Business law in Angola.

Attorney Carlos Alberto de FREITAS (“CAF”) is one of the most renowned lawyer in Angola. His team of ten lawyers, under his supervision, is committed to perform professional legal services through dynamic and personalized attendance based on loyalty, transparency, punctuality and ethics. It is headquartered in Luanda.

Both SRDB and CAF have decided to establish a strategic cooperation whereby SRDB will act as CAF correspondent in France, Algeria, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, Senegal, China, Comoros and Cameroon and CAF will represent SRDB in Angola.

Background of this Cooperation

Carlos Alberto de FREITAS is a reputable independent lawyer in Angola. He is managing in Luanda a team of 10 attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced in numerous sectors, notably: Energy – Oil & Gas, Private Investment, Corporate and Commercial, Tax, Mining, Administrative Law, Real Estate & Construction, Compliance & Corporate Governance, Litigation & Dispute Resolution and Employment & Immigration.

With this cooperation, CAF and SRDB  will provide their clients with a broader range of services and deeper bench of legal talent. Each of SRDB and CAF is committed to delivering the same high quality, personalized and dedicated services.

SRDB international network lawyers are licensed to practice law in France, Angola, Algeria, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, Senegal, China, Comoros and Cameroon and before various courts.

SRDB & CAF are excited in celebrating this milestone and looking forward to providing broader and practical solutions to the complex problems that the clients may face in the future.