Business Opportunities in Qatar on the Eve of the 2022 World Cup

SRDB and AL-THANI law firm, one of the most reputable law firms in Qatar, signed a strategic agreement with the objective of providing legal services both ways to International companies willing to establish themselves in Qatar and to Qatari companies willing to invest in Europe. Based on this agreement, the two law firms will join efforts to assist their clients to develop business and investment opportunities with Qatari companies.


In a region that constantly evolves, Qatar is perceived as a country able to communicate effectively with its partners and to maintain a stable business environment. Qatar is hosting the next soccer world cup in 2022, and as such, the country spends hundreds of millions of dollars monthly to develop and improve its infrastructures and sectors such as tourism, real estate, and new technologies. Concerned with the economy as a whole, Qatar recently reformed its commercial law and created institutions such as “Qatar’s International Centre for Mediation and Arbitration” which enhanced the business environment by guaranteeing to foreign companies a secured legal framework when dealing in Qatar or with Qatari parties. In this connection, a project of what could be considered as an avant-garde law will guarantee foreign investors to own up to 100% equity in most economic sectors. Due to these efforts, today, Qatar’s economy is more integrated with other countries and more connected to International financial institutions. It is in this context that the two law firms shall offer unique legal services utilising their specialist knowledge of the regional market and their networks and links with local institutions. “Our mission is to offer to international groups willing to invest and expand internationally particularly in markets difficult to access secured legal and financial transactions.” declared Georges Sioufi, Founding Partner of SRDB. “We are very happy of this partnership with SRDB Law Firm. It will strengthen our international development. Our firm in Qatar has many wealthy clients who are either looking for investments in Europe in real estate, hotels and new technologies or looking for local partnerships with foreign investors/operators. We believe our new agreement will be helpful to provide the best services to our clients.,” declared Sheikh Al Thani, Founder of AL-THANI law firm.


SRDB is already present in other countries. Whilst its head office is in France, SRDB has also offices located in Lebanon and Iran, the law firm is present through partnerships in Algeria, Syria, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Most recently and since 2017, SRDB entered in partnership with China’s JINGSH law firm and in order to more adequately accompany businesses alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, new SILK ROAD project.


The law firm is specialised in Business Law, Maritime Law, commercial litigation and arbitration, competition and M&A.It has a strong international experience and specialised teams based in Paris, Marseille, Beirut, Tehran, Damascus, Doha, Beijing Algiers and Abidjian. SRDB’s team members are able to communicate proficiently with French, English, German, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Persian.


Al-THANI is one of the first business law firms in Qatar. Founded by lawyer Sheikh Thani Al-THANI, member of Doha’s Bar Association who is also a member of Qatar’s ruling family. Besides his professional activities as a lawyer, Sheikh Thani Al-THANI represents Qatar at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.