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SRDB has partnered with Attorney Christian Dudieu DJOMGA who is in charge of “SRDB CAMEROON”.

The firm is located in downtown Yaoundé with a branch office in Douala.

The firm consists of 3 lawyers and 8 employees. The firm handles all issues related to commercial law, whether it is litigation or contractual matters.

Christian has been a registered lawyer at the Cameroon Bar since December 2000. He holds a PhD  in business law and a Diploma of Specialized Higher Education (DESS) in intellectual property law.

Christian authored several books written in French such as: “La procédure d’opposition à l‘enregistrement des marques dans l’espace OAPI ” published by Éditions Presses Universitaires Libres, “Le Guide du Magistrat et des Auxiliaires de Justice de l’OAPI” and “La contrefaçon des logiciels dans l’espace OAPI : Étude Comparée des législations du Sénégal, du Gabon, de la Côte d’Ivoire et du Cameroun”.

Christian was also an Associate Lecturer in the Masters Degree of Litigation and Business Arbitration at the University of Yaoundé II (SOA) and at the Catholic University of Central Africa

Address of SRDB Cameroon:

In Yaoundé
916 Boulevard du Lamido de Rey Bouba, Mballa 2  –  Yaoundé

In Douala
490 rue Alimentation de Koumassi-Bali – B.P: 4877 – Douala-Bonanjo

E-mail :