The UAE is a land of countless business opportunities and challenges. So, how best to go about venturing in the UAE? 

In this video, Karl Khoury, attorney and director of SRDB Law Firm Ltd – ADGM in UAE shares a couple of practical tips with those who want to seize those opportunities while mitigating risks.

Tip 1: Keep pace with the UAE and the region

The UAE is developing at a fast pace and the regulatory landscape is no exception, as the country strives to become a leading regional and international financial center. Keeping up with the new laws and regulations is of essence.

Tip 2: Keep an open mind

The challenge for lawyers is also to keep pace with the fast-changing UAE regulatory landscape as to understand the philosophy underlying these changes. 

This is where having a foot on the ground, with lawyers fluent in the UAE’s and the region’s legal systems, languages and cultures, is a great advantage. 

SRDB Law Firm is a Paris-based independent boutique firm dedicated to international operations, investments, and dispute resolution. Just like our clients, we operate internationally, drawing on the strengths of the SRDB Worldwide Network, which brings together the best legal experts in their jurisdictions.

Karl Khoury joined SRDB Law Firm in June 2023 and heads its UAE office in Abu Dhabi.

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