SRDB Law Firm is pleased to announce that our firm was retained by BLOOMBERG TAX & ACCOUNTING to draft an overview on the latest tax legislation in Comoros. The Two Chapters “Comoros Country Guide” and “Comoros VAT Navigator” were written by SRDB lawyers and published by Bloomberg Tax & Accounting in 2020 on their website at:

These chapters describe the current tax status of Comoros Islands and include the following:

Comoros Country Guide:

  • An overview of the tax system and key government agencies in Comoros

  • Corporate tax computation and administration

  • Corporate tax rates

  • Corporate tax capital gains, losses, and group treatment

  • Corporate withholding taxes on nonresident corporations

  • Personal taxes

  • Transfer pricing policies

  • Anti-avoidance provisions

  • Payroll, capital, property, and other miscellaneous taxes

  • Special taxes for the oil, gas, and mineral extraction industry, and for the banking and finance industry.

Comoros VAT Navigator covers GST and Consumption Tax laws dealing with different topics to help manage certain elements of compliance and quickly access rates and thresholds.

Bloomberg Tax and Accounting provides valuable information and overviews of tax regimes of many countries around the world.

For a PDF of Bloomberg Tax Country Guide for the Comoros Islands, please follow the link below:

These tax chapters are also available on the Bloomberg Tax and Accounting website: (subscription required).