SRDB has established cooperation agreements with several first-tier law firms in Syria.

SRDB cooperates mainly with Georges BASSOUS from BASSOUS LAW FIRM and with KARAWANI LAW FIRM in Damascus.

All work performed in Syria by SRDB is an advisory work always in compliance with international regulation and sanctions.
About Reconstruction of Syria

Before it was hit in 2011 by the civil war, Syria was, throughout history, a gate to the Middle East. Its unique strategic location, rich land, and openness to other cultures have worked as key-roles in cementing this reputation.

Getting out of a decade-long civil war, opportunities in Syria are abound. The country is planning on exploring its extremely-rich wells of gas, rebuilding its infrastructure, and energizing the economy by encouraging investments, both local and foreign. Now that Syria has become stable again, the potentials are endless and all eyes are focused on the ample opportunities that are looming in the horizon.

Syria is also fortunate to have a great potential for investments in tourist-related projects, as it enjoys a great weather for most of the year, as well as the welcoming and hospitality-nature of its people. Moreover, Syria is recognized, historically speaking, as one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, and is a dream-come-true to archeologists and history lovers alike.

On the business level, Syria has always counted on foreign companies to invest in it, as well as to perform all kinds of works for it. It has an excellent reputation with all such foreign companies, and has never failed to fulfill its obligations towards them. As such, the working environment is very encouraging; and companies should find it extremely attractive (and profitable) to work and invest there.
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